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Olste Office

Taking two existing apartments and the removing everything but the buildings shell would create the canvas for FIVE AM to work with. Olste, a minimalist office design, is located in Knokkle, Belgium and features a number of multifunctional spaces.

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InteriorTom BoxFIVE AM
Residence L

An interior design studio based in Singapore, Right Angle Studio have designed their latest residence by leveraging light and space to their fullest. The tranquil spatial dimension of this home provides a worthy canvas. The full-height wooden entrances provides an experience as you step within the home to witness the continuous white-finished walls that surround the living room areas.

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Entença Apartment

The Entença Apartment was designed by Allaround Lab and is located in Barcelona, Spain. The challenges within this design were evident with an over population of walls, ventilation and light management. They were also challenged in being able to bring both the interior and exterior together as one using the structure elements and natural light.

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The Gent House

Located in Ghent, Belgium is the Gent house designed by minus. This monochrome home draws from a clean colour palette working with light wooden flooring and injections of dark grey. The home is very open and has an almost low profile with most fixtures being quite low to the ground creating a sense of height and space.

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Casa C06

The Casa C06 home is located in Madrid, Spain and designed by Lucas y Hernández-Gil. The minimalist interior provides us with a welcoming introduction to contrast with the powerful rough concrete and softer visuals of wood.

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Firmeza Apartment

Located within downtown Porto, Portugal Pablo Pita Architects have designed a stunning minimalist apartment, Firmeza. Set out in an organised fashion the apartment has been designed in almost two halves - on one side you have the bedrooms and on the other side, you have the living areas.

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CS Residence

The CS Residence is a minimalist designed home located in Wilrijk, Belgium. This wonderfully detailed yet modest interior was designed by Vincent Van Duysen and features stunning large bay windows that help provide the abundance of natural light that floods the home.

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Museum Princessehof

Museum Princessehof celebrated their anniversary and as any motive, this was the reason for their major renovation of the museum. The idea was to help increase the appeal and accessibility to their visitors.

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InteriorTom Boxi29

Designed by Septembre, the Jemappes is a minimal apartment located in Paris, France. The apartment is a delight to the eye with its steel kitchen counter and range surrounded by light wooden cabinets. 

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House L & W

Located in Ghent, Belgium, the House L & W is a minimalist design home created by Fragmenture. The home is roughly 190-square-meters in size, which is a sizable space and canvas for Fragmenture to work off.

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