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Level Daybed

Toronto-based design studio MSDS Studio have designed and developed the Level Daybed. The minimalist daybed was designed to elevate the importance of the sawhorse, a shape that provides sturdiness and security.

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FurnitureTom BoxMSDS Studio
GH Bike Rack

OLAS is a furniture design studio located in Melbourne, Australia. Their passion for time-honoured craftsmanship and modern aesthetics is clear when you see their award winning design, the GH Bike Rack.

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FurnitureTom BoxOLAS
Gyeol Chair

In Korean the word Gyeol means texture and that’s exactly what Jungmo Yang has been able to provide with his latest pieces, the Gyeol Chair. Using the natural textures of birch plywood Yang has been able to design a chair that fits well within South Korean homes.

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FurnitureTom BoxJungmo Yang
Rivulet Chair

Created by Japan-based design studio Tamaki Design Studio, the Rivulet is a minimalist designed chair. The name of the chair originates from the design of how the front legs join the armrest and the back legs join up the backrest like the flow of a rivulet joining together.

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Hug Chair

Hug is a minimalist chair created by Sweden-based designer Jens Fager for Edsbyn. A versatile chair with refined and subtle details designed for maximum comfort while maintaining a visually light appearance.

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Custom Brass Desk

Los Angeles-based designer, Brian Thoreen, has designed a minimalist Custom Brass Desk. Brian's array of skills incorporate a number of design silos such as furniture, architectural installations and unique design objects.

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Sia Chair

Sydney-based designer, Tom Fereday, has designed and developed a minimal dining chair called the Sia Chair. The chair provides an adjustable backrest based pieces of furniture found in old factories. 

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