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Two-in-One House

Located in Akershus, Norway the Two-in-One House is a minimalist designed home by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter. The home is truly inspiring with its ancient backdrop, Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter have created a spectacular design that works with the surrounding environment wonderfully.

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Mojo Cafe

As cafe's go, this one tops them all. Located in the city of Xi'an, central China the Mojo Cafe has been designed to oppose traditional Chinese design but work in harmony with modern minimalism. Xi'an has been known as a culinary destination plus its historical architecture.

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White Square

Within Tel Aviv, Israel sits a sculpturally impressive concrete park created by sculptor Daniel Karavan. The impressive areas is call Kikar Levana or White Square in English and was born in 1977 through to 1988. 

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Project Géode

The newly created Project Géode, a minimalist residential building, is located within one of Montréal’s most energetic locations. A location where professionals, families and couples mix, architects ADHOC created a contemporary project that works within the surrounds and reflects in symmetry to the sector. 

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Front House

Created by uenoa, the minimally designed Front House is located in Yokohama, Japan. The home has been designed around the young couple and their three children and is located at the end of a newly developed area.

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ArchitectureTom Boxuenoa
Grace Farms

Located in New Canaan, Connecticut the Grace Farms is a minimalist design by SANAA. Designed to wrap and warp within the landscape without drawing too much attention to itself.

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