Vinyl's Mix

Designed by SIDES CORE

Designed by SIDES CORE, Vinyl's Mix is a minimalist designed hair salon in Osaka, Japan. Combining a hair salon and a library could be somewhat of a odd idea, however SIDES CORE took this idea and ran with it. Featuring a collection of curated books which align with the employees' personalities.

"The staff has curated a collection of books to showcase their ideas and personalities," said the architects. "The owner's idea [was to] integrate music, art and other forms of cultural expression into a hair salon."

With the idea of integration and mix between music, art and other forms of expression is the fundamental building blocks in the name Vinyls' Mix. A narrow façade is flanked by not only utility meters but windows looking upon the adjacent property and their cement block wall. Creating a grid for lighting is the steel beams that cross the ceiling with repurposed water pipes running below which help support hanging garments. 

Plywood has been used in multiple ways to enhance the design and layout including a simple trestle-legged table where customers and staff can use to read. The architect also used raw materials to give the space an 'unfinished' look and feel.

"The redesigned interior has plenty of textured materials to harmonise with the existing rough, unfinished space, expressing the essence of the salon," said the architects. "We chose to make use of those features rather than hide them for an energetic vibe."
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