Villa J2

Villa J2

Designed by Lindvall A & D

Designed by Jonas Lindvall fom the Swedish design firm Lindvall A & D, the Villa J2 is a gorgeous, minimalist family home located in Sweden. The main area is located on the ground floor, which includes the living room, kitchen and dining. Integrating both the inside and out, the living room leads out onto a patio surrounded by a landscaped garden. 

With family life as the central focus of this design the center of the home is a hub for social interaction. The large spiral staircase sits proud within the design promoting not only an artistic mirage but as a functional element within the home. 

The bedrooms can be found at the far end of the house which is connected by a large hallway. With both the library and study, the top floor is somewhat calmer in its focus while complementing the outdoor terrace.

Soft splashes of light surround the exterior of the home and it's sculptured form. The white dramatic design is enhanced by the cut in doors and windows that calmly work around the building. 

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