Villa CD

Designed by Office O Architects

Villa CD is a gorgeous private residence designed by Office O Architects. It is built on a challenging location, which incorporates the sand dunes of the Belgian seaside. The house's design is a representation of the neighbouring bungalows from the early sixties.

The residents wanted to live on the same level as the street without interrupting their privacy. To fulfil their needs, the designers created a concrete plateau, which further cantilevers against a conical wall. So the front elevation that is a rectangular block gives a false idea of the house being a single story structure. However, the back elevation reveals the lower story that is deeply set in the dunes. A ramp with concrete stairs leads to the concealed lower floor, which houses a carport and two bedrooms with patios. This lower floor supports the concrete plateau on which the upper floor rests. The upper floor sits on a cantilever and seems to float over the landscape. The same floor from the street side looks embedded in the garden scape. The plateau forms a terrace both in the front and back of the house which provides easy passage, great view and ample of sunlight.  

Big windows throughout the house offer a scenic view of the sea and sand. The wall facing the street is made of concrete to maintain the dweller's privacy but a couple of punctures in the wall grant a view of the street. The interiors are furnished in a minimal fashion with concrete floors and white walls. Delicate white curtains adorn the big windows, which go perfectly with the dark wood built-in furniture to create a comfy environment.        

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