Vernon Apartment

Vernon Apartment

Designed by AP Design House

Located in Woollahra, Sydney, AP Design House is an interior design studio founded by Alexandra Ponting. Since their inception they have received multiple awards and recognition through their stunning designs and eye for detail. The award-winning studio specialises in residential and commercial design projects focusing on their appreciation contemporary elegance. 

We enjoy the detail of process. . .  adding and omitting, refining and layering – knowing when nothing more, or less, is needed. The result is absolutely stunning, functional spaces that acknowledge and celebrate life, work, and home.

No exception to this is the Vernon Apartment. The apartment's master suite and bathroom were the key focus for this project and was inspired by the Grecian Villa. The team wanted to create something that provided space and a sense of calmness, such as a 'retreat', while incorporating irregular surfaces and shapes. The soft grey colour palette and light brings a level of elegance and openness to the spaces that contrive interest and curiosity. This is accentuated by the use of tactile materials including custom-moulded, organic concrete, angular joinery and dimpled ceramic tiles. 

The bedroom takes on most of the calming openness that is portrayed in the bathroom but is distinguished by the use of deeper tonal colours through the soft furnishing and supporting furniture.  

As you can imagine, this project received great accolade, especially from the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards in 2017 as it was the finalist in both the Best Residential Bathroom category and Rado Emerging Star Awards. 

Photography by Felix Forest

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