Trois Candleholders

Designed by Brad Ascalon

Recently launched by Othr, the minimally designed Trois Candleholders have been created by the incredibly talented New York-based designer Brad Ascalon. The Trois Candleholders are made from Othr's renowned 3D process and come in two sizes, Trois Grande and Trois Petite. These 3D printed bronze candle holders have been designed to present a minimal profile while creating a level of intrigue through the shape and structure that holds the candles in place. The arms of the candleholder have been designed to mimic the slow dripping of wax while the candle sits within the holder elegantly from the base up. The grasp that the three arms provide on the candle is just enough but without over complicating the dynamics of the structure. Support has also been provided by the base of the candleholder that not only provides a solid base but also helps manage runoff wax. 

A fortune cookie that Ascalon once opened, and now hangs above the designer's desk, read "Everything should be made as simple as possible... but not simpler". This has the been the driving force behind Brand Ascalon's success and can be seen within his latest design. 

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