Designed by Gloria Ngiam, Nigel Geh & Guillaume Bloget

Spot is a well designed and crafted minimalist light designed and created by Gloria Ngiam, Nigel Geh & Guillaume Bloget. Developed with simplicity at it's core the light is only made of two parts - the handle and a 10 watt LED. The number of configurations make this something special as you are hang, hold within your hand, or place on a table or flat surface as a table lamp. The light has been made from durable, hard-wearing water-resistant polypropylene (PP) material making this light suitable for outdoor use. 

We were inspired by the simplicity, and functionality of industrial work lights. With SPOT, we retained the mobility of conventional torches and industrial work lights, as well as the dynamic rotational movement of theatrical stage lights. Stripping them down to their essentials and introduced an element of playfulness to it, bringing you a refreshing design of a functional light.

Unfortunately, the Spot didn't manage to acquire the necessary funds that they needed to get this great little product off the ground. We're sure they will continue to try and get this off the ground and we'll keep a close eye on what they're doing in the meantime. 

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