Designed by Sanna Völker

Swedish-based designer Sanna Völker has created the Snug, a minimalist designed candleholder and vase. With the ability to convey sophistication, complexity and elegance through a simple, clean design is a real treat to behold. The uniqueness of these pieces is quite intriguing, with the placement of the candles and vase being somewhat of a distinct feature. The almost floating nature of the candles within an almost hug like embrace really creates a clever visual. Working with Granits Barbany, the prototype was developed and later picked up by Both the vase and the candle holder use the same design feature. The vase, which seems to be stopped mid-flight by the rectangular stone, can be used with a number of varieties including small selection of flowers or a single leaf. Both designer and design have a real future ahead of them and we look forward to watching Sanna Völker and her next creation.

The candle holders come in Belgian marble, Carrara marble, Iranian travertine, Spanish limestone and the vase comes in Carrara marble or granite.