SIG Apartment

Designed by Yael Perry, Dafna Gravinsky, and Amir Navon

SIG Apartment has been created by Yael PerryDafna Gravinsky, and architect Amir Navon. This 80 square meter minimalist designed apartment is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The design aesthetic of this residency is quite simple with a monochromatic tone. The light plays really well with the white walls, with the surfaces complimenting the effects. I really like the way the apartment has been set up in a grid like format keeping things in an almost structured formality. This can be seen through the divided living spaces and the way the designers have created the shelving systems and lighting. As this isn't a huge space the designers have incorporated modular seating allowing the residents to create their own space by rearranging the sofa when they need to. 

Photography by Itay Benit

Founder of Digital Habitus and John & Douglas, a passionate advocate for minimalist design, content creation and digital marketing.