Sia Chair

Sia Chair

Designed by Tom Fereday

Sydney-based designer, Tom Fereday, has designed and developed a minimal dining chair called the Sia Chair. The chair provides an adjustable backrest based pieces of furniture found in old factories. The name comes from Hindi and means movement and works perfectly with the way the backrest follows the body's form as you sit down.

The slender design is almost typical of Tom's aesthetics but never detracts from the performance and comfort that his products provide. The chair has been shaped from solid Ash and has been designed to flow with the curvature of those that sit upon the chair. The frame is a minimal stainless-steel frame and works well to complement the minimalist design that the body creates. The smooth mechanics of the adjustable backrest is provided by the use of solid bronze self-lubricating sleeve bearings that give a nice touch of elegance. The chair has recently won the Mercedes-Benz design award and will be launched soon with NAU Design in March 2018. 

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