S|H Apartment

Designed by Yael Perry

Located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, designer Yael Perry lead the creation of the minimalist S|H Apartment. Renovated from the old, the largely lite living space sits centre of the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The apartment itself is very thin with the public space only 3.3 meters in width however complimented by the 11 meter length. Prior the build the apartment didn't offer much in storage, no wardrobe within the bedroom and only had a very small bathroom. When the new residents located themselves in to the apartment they decided that they wanted more from what was available.

Yael Perry, who believed a unqiue aesthetic was required, decided to paint the apartment in one colour only: white. The floors were covered in a minimal white parquet, the walls were painted in white and the carpentry & furniture was also all designed in white. Before, the bathroom's door was located in front of the entrance but this was adjusted by the removal of all the internal walls and a new entryway. The cherry on top was the custom made white closet that was built for the new entryway, helping increase available storage and housed the washing machine.  

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