Selfie Room

Selfie Room

Designed by Cheungvogl

A minimal space designed by Cheungvogl in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Selfie Room is a spa and treatment area with a specific room dedicated to self-reflection and the art of selfies. It offers the users a chance to feel like performers, models and directors within the testing and sample room. 

The long mirror wall creates a unique space that reflects a curved mesh background that filters indirect lighting. The clever lighting has been designed so that next to no shadows are visible through-out the space. Upon entering the space the user is sent along a long light tunnel that display continue reflections. 

Animating the self-reflection within the abstract context, one is driven and inspired to act, document and ultimately share the moment. The space merges the online and offline experience of visitors and brands.

The space is purely designed to promote one's self through social media and offer a social media advertising space that not only enhances your 'selfie' but create a sense of celebration. 

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