Salt and Pepper Grinders

Designed by George Ridin

George Riding, an English-based designer, has created a minimal set of Salt and Pepper Grinders. Taking the all too common appliance and cooking tool and creating something new and fresh.  Featuring a tapered based, allowing for a greater grip area that helps create greater ease for the user, with a ribbed body to help develop a more structured and secure user experience, intuitiveness and relaxed honesty. The ribbing around the body creates the unique ability to almost camouflage into any kitchen top, dining table and space. The top of the grinders has been made from anodised aluminium that hides the grinding mechanism within a sophisticated design. Supported by the polished finish that dives into elements of sophistication. The user is also able to change the coarseness of the grind just by twisting the top. This brings a level of interaction and ownership through this well-designed piece.