Sabi Leaves

Created by Norm Architects and Paper Collective

We're super excited to introduce a new category to our arsenal. We can't wait to start showcasing the best in minimal photography, and what better way to launch this new category but to feature one of our favourite design studios, Norm Architects. Working with Danish brand Paper Collective, Norm Architects have developed a new series of minimal prints called Sabi Leaves. The 4 prints showcase the beauty of our natural world. Each image provides a detailed view of a leaf's decay and imperfection through a single viewpoint. 

Taken using the new XF 100 MP Phase One Camera on a glass sheet the team were able to capture an incredible amount of detail through this unique set up. The composition of each photo is stunning and truly provides the most detailed perspective of something that we take for granted and rarely take notice of during our day-to-day lives. The lines, shapes and character within each shot are breathtaking with the choice of grey tones only boosting the effect that each shot has on the viewer.

Founder of Digital Habitus and John & Douglas, a passionate advocate for minimalist design, content creation and digital marketing.