S Apartment

S Apartment

Designed by Right Angle Studio

This stunning minimalist designed interior by Right Angle Studio is located in Singapore and offers a gorgeous open-concept floor plan. Featuring a living room, built-in kitchen on the lower floor plus bedrooms on the second level. The simple colour palette: wood tones with tan and grey allows for an exquisite visual flow throughout the entire residence. 

The clear connection between nature and modern design is evident in the Right Angle Studio's design. The beach or country life is brought into light through the light, breezy feeling that the design brings. The use of soft woods helps bring together the rooms and incorporates an element of warmth to the home. I personally love the use of the potted trees and plants that are used to bring the outside in with the use of light to bring these amazing additions to focus. A perfect example of this is the use of the potted tree within the main living room. 

I really like how they've finished the living room and incorporated those strong lines through the cabinetry that supports the entertainment area. 

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