Riverview Home

Designed by Nobbs Radford Architects

Close to home Nobbs Radford Architects have designed Riverview, a minimalist home located in Sydney, Australia. Built in the suburb of Norcote and designed around a former medical centre this three storey home is a gorgeous addition to the local community. The original building offered some rather interesting spacial varieties that the architects didn't want to lose. As you enter the residence from the side street you are welcomed by a seven meter high space with a Japanese Maple and a full height north facing window that plays with the light, soaking the interior. 

The interior has been designed around a central Tasmanian Oak clad 'box' that contains the wine store and bathroom at ground level with a mezzanine lounge hovering above. The lower level also boasts a large garage workshop plus two additional bedrooms, all connected to the kitchen and an adjacent roof terrace via a 'folded' timber stair. Commanding the internal views is the first floor study that looks upon the soaring entry space and the exterior below. To get to the third level which houses the master domain is a discrete stair access taking you to top to see the classic roof top views that this home has to offer. The interior is built from a variety of materials but the polished concrete, timber and white walls give this home a characteristic that is quite unique.

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