Reydon Grove Farm

Reydon Grove Farm

Designed by Norm Architects

Reydon Grove Farm is situated in Suffolk, England and designed by our trusted minimalist design firm Norm Architects. The large overhang of the roof, the thin fascia board and the low scale of the structure make the residence look delicate. The low scale of the house also agrees with the barn and dairy present on the site.  

The house is long and narrow with a neutral colour scheme. Clad in vertical strips of thin wood siding, the facade looks sleek and refined. Wood is used in the interiors as well for a homely feel just like the comforts of the surroundings. Big broad windows with thick wooden beams admit plenty of natural light into the living room and the pure white walls further help brighten up the room. The large windows also provide transparency and help the dwellers stay connected with nature even when they are indoors. 

The house follows an open plan system divided by freestanding elements. A built-in fireplace provides warmth in the seating area while a wood burning stove in the hall. The house is furnished in a minimal fashion with a few seating pieces, cozy beds, and a dining set.  The house sits elevated on a sandstone plateau and provides the interior space a view of both the garden and the fields. 

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