Designed by Biergert & Funk

This lovely alternative choice for a clock has been created by Biegert & Funk. Called QlockTwo, this minimalist design uses words to tell the time through LEDs helping to highlight the time.

The clock is available in many colours which all compliment the design and outcome of this piece. With a matrix of 110 characters within the square body 10 LEDs work their magic by illuminate each character to describe the time every five minutes.  An interesting concept is the four dots found in each corner of the clock face that represents the minutes between each interval.

Now available in four sizes; QlockTwo Classic, QlockTwo Large, QlockTwo Touch and now a wristwatch called QlockTwo W.

The clock is available to buy via Biegert & Funk’s online store and also comes with an iPhone application which helps you put together your very own QlockTwo design. 

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