Q1 Magazine Rack

Q1 Magazine Rack

Designed by Jonas Hansen

Part of Jonas Hansen's collection Q1 this minimalist designed magazine rack is part of a greater set of basic furniture and interior items, all made from laser-cut and powder-coated metal and recycled fibre wood or fibre cement sheets. The powder-coating creates a lovely look and feel that almost resembles a soft, velvet finish. A very important part of the design is that the piece hasn't been built with any toxic or environmentally harmful substances.

Available in a number of finishes including 4 powder-coated styles - iron grey, ultramarine, ivory white and olive green - and is also available in 4 colours. 

Time, passion and a true focus has all played a part in the design and development of this piece, with the sourcing of the best possible materials from German and Swiss manufacturers, all of whom are focused on developing environmentally friendly products. 

Images from Minimalissimo showing their Minimalissimo Magazine No.1

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