Pli Table

Designed by Florian Hauswirth

Taking the new and old to another level is exactly what Florian Hauswirth has done with the Pli Table. The Switzerland based designer has create the Pli Table, for Tossa, that can change with minimal adjustment to accomodate multiple table top shapes. The tray-like tabletops come in different shapes and can be placed upon the adjustable legs. Designed like the wooden propeller of a plane, the legs fold out from themselves to hold the tabletop in place. Available in two sizes, two heights, a round shape and an oval shape and two finishes, black ash and natural ash. The joint used on the table legs are designed with a round lap technique which is a clear indication of the uniqueness of this piece. 

Making the production of these tables more effective Florian has designed the 'propeller' like legs in four similar pieces. Also, taking a 16mm solid piece of wood, the tabletop has been manufactured using CNC milling which leaves a rim-frame around the edge of the tabletop. To keep the amount of material down to a minimum, a specially designed 45 degree milling cut allows the flat plate to be cut in two and glued together again, unlike the woodturning technique which loses more wood in the production. This whole process keeps the amount of material down to around 50% of what would normally be used when making a normal plate like tabletop.