Photographer's Loft

Photographer's Loft

Designed by Yoshihara McKee Architects

Photographer's Loft is a minimalist apartment situated in Chelsea, New York and due to the location being densely populated the amount of light entering the residence is limited. Yoshihara McKee Architects' solution to this problem was a huge skylight and elimination of wall-to-wall partitions.

The angled skylight lets sunlight enter the flat causing a play of light and shadow. The living area is accommodated below the skylight and boasts a fine choice of furniture pieces including an origami chair and an octahedron table. The dining or gallery is located at the entrance whereas the personal spaces are given more privacy.  

A box incorporates the kitchen in the central part of the floor plan. The same box contains the bathroom. The bathroom follows a slightly rotated geometry and includes a bathtub, medicine cabinet, and a vanity unit. The walls of the box do not touch the ceiling completely and have triangular slots above that allow light to enter. 

The bedroom is surrounded by a zigzag partition that wraps around a central column. The partition extends to provide a short corridor and a closet space that leads to the bathroom. The walls of the partition do not completely hit the ceiling and have glass to cover the gap, which further permits the natural light to brighten the room. The white interiors and the light wood flooring add simplicity and help brighten the flat further.

Although the flat is on the ground floor of the building, it gives an illusion that it sits directly under the roof. Hence the name Photographer's Loft. 

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