Perła Brewery Apartment

Perła Brewery Apartment

Designed by Projekt Praga

What do you do when you've got a thriving brewery with ample amount of quests walking through your doors? Simple, create a new hotel with seven stunning apartments ready to host and care your most cherished quests. This is exactly what Perła Brewery did when their brand managers had that exact question. Located in the city of Lublin, Poland, this wonderfully ambitious project was lead by Projekt Praga and was developed in one of the historic Vetter Brewery buildings. 

The seven rooms all host the same minimalist feel promoting a Danish/Japanese aesthetic. Each room is, by the simplest form, a white box which plays joyfully with the light. The open floor scheme in each room supports a central wooden cube that offers not only functionality and practicality but visually entertains. The wooden cube is not just an entrance to the bathroom but also a practical working space, kitchenette and a wardrobe. The designers have also leveraged off the tonal warmth of each room from the selections of interior accessories with potted plants, grounding the occupant and providing a homely tone that works well with the overall aesthetics.

To top all of this off, when you stay at the Perła Brewery Apartment, you are welcomed with a box of their best beer.

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