Parlour X

Designed by Tobias Partners

Designed by architect Tobias Partners and built by Profile Property, this stunning minimal interior is home to one of Australia's premier fashion retailers. Parlour X stock a multitude of ready-to-wear fashion brands from Celine, Chloe, Balenciaga, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Stella McCartney, Comme Des Garçons and the list just continues. Eva Galambos, the owner of Parlour X spent over a year searching high and low for their new retail location before coming across the St John's Church located in the heart of Paddington, Sydney. After reaching an agreement with the St John's Church precinct Eva began the build calling upon both Tobias Partners and Profile Property.

Complications are always going to be an issue and this was the case with this particular build. Being a heritage building the development and build had it's restrictions throughout the renovation which resulted in having to create original work-arounds that ended up adding life and cleanliness to some of the corners of the interior. The sandstone walls, the stained-glass windows and the restored ceiling are spectacular and work incredibly well against the minimal and sleek mirrored cabinets and pale wooden floors. I love the way that they've literally brought the old and the new together in a way that seems so right. 

All photos by Tom Ferguso

Founder of Digital Habitus and John & Douglas, a passionate advocate for minimalist design, content creation and digital marketing.