Oblong Watch

Designed by Bulbul

The Oblong Watch is an amazing Kickstarter project from the Danish brand Bulbul. It's not their first rodeo with Kickstarter, with two previous versions already available to the public. Mixed with Swiss precision and minimalist style that's expected from Denmark, taking the classic design to another level with a rectangular watch design with a contemporary edge. 

With only two dots - 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock - the design is the definition of minimalism and simplification. With either an Italian leather strap or steel mesh from Pforzheim, Germany and sapphire crystal collaborate creating this gorgeous product. 

The watch is designed by Lars Larsen from Kilo Design who is behind this classic design. To add another level of creativity to the minimalist design is the blue small silicone loop that sits around the watch strap. Find out more about this design and make your pre-order and show your support here.

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