No-No Tables

Designed by Norm Architects and Note Design Studio

Norm Architects, who are fast becoming one of our favourites, are at it again with the No-No Table. Partnering with Note Design Studio, these two Scandinavian power houses have created this amazing minimal piece. Inspired by an old marble floor and an encounter in Italy, the No-No Tables offer a wide variety of heights and sizes through the varied shapes within the collection. Each piece houses different graphic shapes made by the use of varied marble, each creating unique characteristics. This can be drawn back to the tiled table of the 1970's but with a modern, contemporary edge. The term micro-furniture has been used to describe the pieces as they can be seen to sit between a piece of furniture and accessory. 

Note Design Studio’s philosophy is; to note something, to get noted: we are named after what we try to achieve, we like to pay attention to our surroundings and try to create things that make others do the same. In conjunction with the Copenhagen-based Norm Architects, who are masters of understatement and minimal industrial design, these two firms were always going to develop something special. Made with light powered-coated metal frames each piece creates a subtle simplicity powered by the mixed marble variations. 

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