Designed by Lance McGregor

Created by New York-based designer Lance McGregor for OTHR, the Nest is an elegant piggy bank. The minimalist design is a take on the essence of what we all know and cherish, the little well that we turn to when we deposit our shrapnel. The simple shape was reduced down to a single orb that sits upon a steel base - which also doubles up as the hammer to help shatter and retrieve our savings. The Nest exterior is porcelain and houses a subtle nod to nostalgia with a 3D printed nylon pig that lives within the sphere. “I love the idea of ‘breaking the piggy bank’ to see what rewards lie within,” says McGregor. “As a kid, it was always exciting to see how much I’d been able to save.” 

Founder of Digital Habitus and John & Douglas, a passionate advocate for minimalist design, content creation and digital marketing.