N Strips House

N Strips House

Designed by Jun Murata

Jun Murata renovated a 39-year-old deteriorating building situated in Osaka, West Japan. The building blends with the context of the neighbourhood that consists of factories, an open park, residential and office buildings.  

The building facade is a visual treat with a rhythmic repetition of vertical louvers. The louvers not just provide privacy but also conceal the pipes and uneven surfaces on the front facade. Ample of natural sunlight is introduced into the building due to the unique facade style. A precise study was conducted on the given condition of aperture ratio, louver size, cost, and weight before selecting the parametric pattern. 300 vertical louvers are installed each about 2.55m long with a thickness of 30 mm per 75 mm depth.    

N Strips House comprises of both residential and workspace and Jun Murata does a wonderful job of balancing the two functions. A core box is installed to tackle the leakage problem. The box contains the bathroom, washbasin and kitchen. The minimal and neutral interiors enable a wide range of possibilities to accommodate modern style as and when required.  

The facade portrays different expressions at different times of the day. During the daytime, a play of shadows is visible while in the night indirect lighting illuminates the facade.       

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