MM House

MM House

Designed by OHLAB Estudio

Mallorca, a country that I was fortunate enough to frequent quite a bit during my childhood now houses an amazing new home named the MM House. This minimalist, award winning, designed home has been created by OHLAB Estudio. The majestic, energy efficient home is a visual delight with a truly modern geometric layout.  Located within the capital of this lovely island and surrounded by steep hills, the view from the home is really something. 

OHLAB Estudio had a challenging brief to uphold with a low construction budget and a very low cost of energy maintenance. Built as if each cube was meant to be independent but somehow dependent at the same time. The four cubes of different size sit amongst themselves effortlessly within the terrain offering a unique viewpoint within each volume. Each cube has been designed to accomodate one function: living/dining area, kitchen, quest room and main bedroom. Each cube has it's own entrance allowing for independence and purpose. For example the social area has a gorgeous view of the sea while the kitchen faces the vegetable garden. 

One thing that I truly appreciate is the fact that the home promotes environmental and sustainable values. 

The project has been made with a low construction budget and a very low cost of energy maintenance. It is a home that promotes environmental and sustainability values, reporting savings and comfort without incurring additional economic effort.

The MM House most recently won the prestigious award of House of the Year at 2016’s World Architecture Festival.

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