Menu Bottle Grinders

Menu Bottle Grinders

Designed by Norm Architects

A favourite amongst the many, Menu's Bottle Grinder is something truly special. Designed by Norm Architects, based in Copenhagen, and made by Menu these salt, pepper or herb grinders are a beautiful outcome to a minimalist design and vision. Something we take very seriously at John & Douglas is the ability that some designers have in taking an everyday item, something that you would have seen over and over again, through every kitchen warehouse and store, and find away to restructure, redesign and reintroduce. These bottle grinders are no exception. 

How does it work? By taking apart the two halves, provide the rock salt, peppercorns or dried herbs within, and join the two halves back together again. It really is that simple. No more flying peppercorns or spilt rock salt and with no need to navigate around the ugly internals of the traditional grinder. Once you've filled the grinder you then simply invert; twist the two halves; re-adjust the wooden dial upon the top of the grinder and enjoy the minimal effort required. The wooden dial allows for the adjustment of the grind; finer or courser, the choice is yours. 

The Bottle Grinder is finished in a soft plastic that gives off a sort of rubbery look and feel which allows for great grip and personally, a nicer finish. You can purchase these through our friends at Toff Interiors.

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