Mask House

Designed by WOJR


Located in Ithaca, New York and designed by WOJR, this beautiful minimal residence is called the Mask House. The 587 square foot property has been designed as a secluded sanctuary that sit upon a series of stilts, helping the property stabilise due to the lakeside slop that it resides on. The vertical slats and it's perched position successfully create this sense of calmness and seclusion. The property isn't that large but does include a large open living room with a small side kitchen, a bathroom and a small bedroom tucked within the skylit cubby. Wood panels surround the interior on nearly all surfaces other than the sliding door that frames the amazing views over the lake leading to a balcony. 

I personally love the cleanliness of the interior and the contrasting tones that they play when married to the exterior material and colours. I especially enjoy the hanging fire that sits humbly within the centre of the living area next to the small bedroom. This artist home has really been able to convey a sense of detachment but with a careful touch of homeliness and ease. 

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