Loup Fruit Bowl

Designed by Saif Faisal for Othr

Saif Faisal is a designer based in India who is the brain child behind the minimal Loup Fruit Bowl developed by Othr. Through Othr's 3D printing processes the Loup Fruit Bowl comes in black or white 3D-printed porcelain. Othr have implemented their traditional numbered edition to this very simple, yet clever design.

Designed to keep a low profile when not in use, the Loup Fruit Bowl sits upon any kitchen table, mantle piece or shelve without causing any interference to the aesthetics of the surrounding space. It's not until you place the desired contents upon the Loup Fruit Bowl do you truly see the practicality and expression that this piece has been designed to show. The development process includes a combination of 3D printing and hand finishing to give it it's clean, crisp look. 

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