Lofthouse I

Designed by Marc Koehler Architects

Taking advantage of the unique view of the rugged and industrial area within Amsterdam, Netherlands Lofthouse I is one of the first houses from Marc Koehler Architects in a series of durable, wooden loft houses. The minimalist home has been designed with each floor interconnecting in a continuous flow. Designed, by the request of the owners, with the downstairs area dedicated to sleep and the upper floors to living. Their request was to connect the floors continuously created a flow between each level. The solution, incorporating a staircase that also serves as an atrium becoming a central design element. 

The atrium has been designed so that each vertical walk becomes an attractive adventure.

One of the most attractive design elements that they have incorporated into the home, other than the staircase, is the split-level structure, where each floor is half a floor lower or higher to the previous or the next. This creates the option to view each floor with ease from one to another and creates a gradual transition from one to another. 


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