Le Cabanon

Designed by Rick Joy Architects

Located within the Turks and Caicos Islands resides the stunning residence named Le Cabanon - a French word that can loosely be translated as the cottage or shed - designed by US-based Rick Joy Architects. As you can clearly see from the beautiful images below, the home's modern grey concrete façade works in unison, contrasting against the deep blue ocean and vibrant green vegetation. The home has been designed to work with the elements with narrow passageways that work harmoniously with the sea breezes. The light is also harnessed with geometrical cuts that direct and soak parts of the home with natural light. 

The residence has been designed to use only local materials by local builders and craftsman. Rick Joy Architects have done a wonderful job at fusing together modern minimalism and local heritage. Working alongside the joyful use of height and spatial awareness, the home also delivers an essence of warmth by introducing elements of wooden accents around the home such as the beautifully crafted main door that welcomes all. This home is a real pleasure and provides elements of surprises around every corner. 

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