La Casa Residence

Designed by MXMA Architecture & Design

Created by MXMA Architecture & DesignLa Casa is an awesome minimal home in Montreal, Canada. The design focus within this build was the ability to merge the transitional power of the ceiling helping direct and accompany the owner in and around the residence. The architectural form of the ceiling drives and directs the viewer through the entrance, the living room, dining room, and kitchen through the continues wooden surfaces. This isn't restricted to just the lower floors either, with the upper floors offering the same experiences through to the children's rooms and master suite.

Through the uniqueness and irregularity of the the ceiling the light is manipulated freely creating a natural and vibrant atmosphere within the home. The creative shapes haven't just been created due to the available creative freedom, rather they also play an integral part in concealing structural steel beams and ventilation ducts. The clever design also brings the ceiling down to users level with the transition from ceiling to guardrail on the third floor. 

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