Kyodo Office

Designed by id inc.

The Kyodo Office is a minimal interior space designed by id inc. and located in Tokyo, Japan. Located in Tokyo, Japan, id inc. have designed this clean, minimalist interior within the Kyodo Office. The office is a co-sharing space for creators, designers and thinkers owned by the design office id inc. and Bird and Insect Ltd, a photo and video studio. The office space plays host to their office, library, workroom, conference room, and a photo studio. The design aesthetics were inspired by the blank canvas that most creatives would be accustomed to. Like many successful builds, the new and old work seamlessly throughout the office, interconnecting lines that flow and extend into the older surrounding pieces. The internal openings create a continuous flow creating depth and consistency. id inc. have been able to create an office that not only resembles a gallery like space but a place that was consistent from planning to production. 

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