Kevin Riedl Photography

Kevin Riedl Photography

Architectural Photography by Kevin Riedl

Kevin Riedl is a photographer and filmmaker from Munich, Germany. His appreciation for minimalism in art and architecture is quite evident in his work. Kevin's fondness for the monochrome palette helps him bring to light the minimalist characteristics of both the photographs and the subject.

The architectural photographs captured by Kevin express form and material. Kevin does not fail to seize the sharp lines of the architectural elements. The focus on the play of light and shadow creates a deep sense of drama. And the monochrome palette strikes a balance between the most significant and the most negligible details of the subject.         

There is a harmony between the architectural components and the non-architectural elements in the background. The vast blue sky, blank white walls or the backdrop of trees, which act as the blank space draw attention to the concrete form.       

Architecture is a work of art and these images portray a fine perspective of the artistic style of architecture.  

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