In and Between Boxes

Designed by LUKSTUDIO

Located in Guangzhou, China, the minimalist designed In and Between Boxes has been created by LUKSTUDIO. Within the walls and ceilings are carefully spaced pockets of spatial carvings, openings and niches. Between the cafe and the exterior sits a large cut-out that connects the two volumes that frames the surrounding greenery. Personally, the carved cut-outs and sporadic ceiling pockets create a sense of wonderment and intrigue. 

The stunning office entry features a peaceful Zen garden flanked by a carved edge creating a focal point and inter-webs the different parts of the office. The choice of materials are clean with the smooth, minimal white walls and the terrazzo flooring within the main space creating a blank canvas for the light to play on. The slight injection of organic materials brings life and a sense of connection. This can be seen by the continuous timber panels and the remains of an existing brick wall in the lounge.

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