House of Takamatsu Bancho

Designed by Tenk

House of Takamatsu Bancho is a minimal house located in Kagawa, a prefecture of Japan. It is designed by Tenk an architect who hails from Hiroshima. Tenk has been awarded the Wu 2005 city for his beautifully planned cities.  

House of Takamatsu Bancho is situated in a dense locality and is closely packed by multi-storeyed buildings on either side. Hence the architect has kept the front facade to a bare minimum in order to avoid any extra-added drama. This facade has a strip window at the top that allows natural light to enter the house and wood slats to adorn the front. Apart from the strip window and the front door, the facade facing the street does not feature any additional openings into the house to disconnect the residents from the public and to maintain their privacy. 

The house is a two-storey structure and Tenk beautifully plays with the levels. The central courtyard encourages airflow and allows ample amount of sunlight into the different rooms of the house. It also creates a transparency between the floors due to the positioning of the openings at different heights. The house is mainly furnished with wood and the subtle white paint helps the humble texture of the wood stand out.                 


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