Home in Rodersdorf

Designed by Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten

Overlooking the hillside country terrain of Alsatian in Rodersdorf, Switzerland lies a minimalist home designed by Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten. This family residence is prefabricated and uses timber frame construction method. The roof and the shorter facade of the structure are clad in copper-titanium-zinc alloy, whereas the longer facade makes use of spaced wooden boards. These facade materials bring out the peculiarity of the house's volumetry. The composition of the local building code specifications is also quite evident in the cubature of the house.  

A wooden framework is firmly fixed under the roof, which creates the structure's distinctive form. The same framework acts as the upper floors of the house and the central space between this framework and the roof act as the focal point. Four separate floors are produced due to the split-level style and the upper floors can be accessed via the sleek wooden steps. Thin skylight slits and huge windows help accommodate ample of natural light into the house. A ginormous window facing the hills connects the outdoor landscape with the interiors of the abode. 

A wooden installation sitting in the heart of the structure separates and links the various parts of the house that includes the entrance, kitchen, dining, living room, cloakroom, and lounge area. Built-in wall cabinets segregate the bedroom, bathroom and study area. The walls and doors are aligned perfectly to the structure and avoid any projections. Thus creating a smooth finish from the outside as well as the inside.       

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