Gota Lamp Collection

Gota Lamp Collection

Designed by OGSB and the Ateliers J&J

The young industrial design studio OGSB and the Ateliers J&J have joined forces to create the Gota Collection. Consisting of two different styles of LED lighting, one table lamp and a floor lamp, the collection provides the user variety in use and style. The design of the two lamps allow for the articulation on two different axes which conveys a sense of personality. This can be done through the manipulation of the lamp and the lampshade with the arm and head holding their position, wherever they are placed.

“The reflection and our desire for durable and conscious objects are translated in the choice of a single-material object facilitating recycling and assembling. This choice is supported by the monocolor finish (anodised or coloured).”

The materials used were chosen with great care based on their quality with the reintroduction of the notion of “qualitative”. The lamps are made from powder coated / anodised aluminium which was selected not only the quality of the material but also the facilitation of recycling and assembly. Each part is also completely removable in favour of a possible replacement and comes in a selection of colours, including mat black, mat light grey, satin olive green, satin oil blue and anodised aluminium.

OGSB, an industrial design studio, was found in 2017 by Ophélie Gerard and Sam Bara and is based in Brussels. Driven by the importance of observation, understanding and the willingness to help improve a products life cycle outlines why this studio is one to watch out for.

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