Fuxing Plaze

Fuxing Plaze

Designed by AIM Architecture 

AIM Architecture have developed a stunning minimalist project split across a lobby and a shopping centre at Fuxing Plaza, Shanghai.

We wanted to try to make the mall not to look like a mall. Instead we were hoping for a home to individual stores, restaurants and bars that are presented in a setting that supports their individuality rather than collective. Our aim is: Shopping S-Mall instead of Shopping Mall.

The lobby has been wrapped in 3,000m2 of recycled aluminium foam creating an incredibly sustainable material due to the lack of paint and coating. Light has played a very important part in the design with lineal illumination filling the corridor off the lobby. Highly polished glass surfaces help promote and display the light in unique proportions. 

With closed balustrades replacing glass railings and minimal space for branding creates a minimal space within the shopping centre. Deep floor-to-ceilings frames have been installed to help express the crafted personalities of each store. This has been set within a coating of white: 

We embraced Soho’s admirable belief in the future, to present the project as a seductive bright white environment that encourages creativity and optimism and give all the protagonist to the units same as in an art gallery where art hanging on the walls or standing on podium are the ones that organise and full the pure and neutral white space.

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