Designed by Shinya Oguchi

Created by Japan-based designer Shinya Oguchi, the Frame is a minimalist shelf. Shinya Oguchi is another designer who has been able to take a piece of furniture like a shelving unit and almost reverse engineer it to create something unique and versatile. The Frame is one of those pieces and offers the user the ability to custom design their layout through the mobile shelf boards that are inserted into the Frame's ladder grid. Shinya created many version of the Frame until he realised that the answer was to create something that was completely separate from the frame and the shelves. The Frame can be placed in any position and the shelves layout can be customised easily. You can even use both sides if that is something you felt like doing. The Frame also has you covered if you didn't want a leaning version with an option of a wall mounted version available yet slightly smaller. 

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Founder of Digital Habitus and John & Douglas, a passionate advocate for minimalist design, content creation and digital marketing.