Footscray Apartment

Footscray Apartment

Designed by BoardGrove Architects

Designing a unique interior is one thing but to take that design to another level and inherently promote the contemporary art and book collections in a gallery format is another thing all together. Created by BoardGrove Architects, Footscray Apartment is located in Footscray, Melbourne, Australia. Taking the large dose of light that the apartment already had and leveraging off the clean, soft colour palette, inspired to soften the already existing concrete walls, the relatively young architect firm have create a really lovely minimal residence. 

The apartment was completely renovated with the living, kitchen and dinning areas becoming one large open space. The bedrooms were slightly reconfigured with two openings and the apartment's ceiling was also raised to create an almost loft-like feeling. Within the kitchen, a particular focal point of the design, are three main objects used as key placements within the home to connect and cohesively maximise the space. These three objects include the Corian bench, a large metal arched door and a complimentary arched reveal (hiding the cooker). The kitchen was designed to be a softer than usual layout as it is seen from the living room and did this by hiding some of those larger appliances within concealed areas and hidden draws. 

Not forgetting that the architects had created this space as a gallery, the main point of difference within this apartment is the eight meter long shelf. This was installed within the main corridor of the apartment and brings a sense of connection to this amazing interior. 

Photography by Haydn Cattach

Founder of Digital Habitus and John & Douglas, a passionate advocate for minimalist design, content creation and digital marketing.