Flow Lamp


Designed by Andreas Kowalewski

Manufactured by Normann Copenhagen and designed by Amsterdam-based designer Andreas Kowalewski the Flow lamp is a salute to minimalist design. Looking at multi-directional design and through many variations, sketches and creations the Flow Lamp was built. The lamp was designed with one main consideration that had to be meet, that the lamp could be delivered flat-packed. The final pieces does this with ease and can be shipped to world wide with ease through compartmentalisation and design. The lamp is made from painted aluminium and comes in black, white and dark green finish.

We love it when pieces are designed from the inspiration of nature and the Flow Lamp is no exception. The table lamp was designed through a careful study of nature, especially the relationship between the tree and it's branches. This is clear through the organically clean design. Another careful consideration is the functionality of the table lamp which is clear when taking the copper light switch into consideration. 

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