Designed by George & Willy

If you have ever had a fireplace at home you know that it takes a lot of kindling or newspaper to get that thing going. This was enough of a reason for the guys at George & Willy to design the Firestarter. Inspired by Alaskan whalers from the 18th-century George & Willy designed a revolutionary way to light your next fire.

Using a porous ceramic stone that can absorb liquids such as lamp oil, that sits within the steel vessel, and all you need to do is light the stone and place it in the middle of the fireplace. The stone provides a continuous flame for about 15-20 minutes which is enough time to large logs to catch fire.

The product was made with a fixed hook-handle plus a ring for opening and closing the fire. The material used was blackened and waxed steel including the ceramic stone. The designers are so confident they promise a 100% success rate with next to no preparation needed.

George & Willy are located in New Zealand and are passionate about making life tools. “We are naturally curious, we ignore trends and solve problems to enlighten people with objects for everyday use.” Their story starts way back when both George & Will first met when they were both 12 years old, then again in university. Having access to the university’s workshop they were able to path a career in product design and development and have never looked back.

You can find the Firestarter online.

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