Felt Collection

Felt Collection

Designed by Norm Architects

The guys at Norm Architects, one of our favourites Danish design studio, created this spectacular minimalist range of bathroom furnishings and accessories for the bathroom manufacturer Ex.T launched last week during the Milan Design Week. Designed by Kasper Ronn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, both founders of Norm Architects, the range has been aptly named FELT, which in danish means “field”, “area” or “frame”. The collection includes the stunningly designed basin and bathtub that both sit, perched above the floor, on fine slim black metal legs.

Both the bathtub and basin share great similarities within design and form - both sharing the fundamental white oblong base with straight sides, not to withholding the thin black legs. Moulded from a man-made, lightweight material call Living Tec - a composite of aluminium oxide and polyester acrylic resin. The thin black legs support the basins by a cross-braced stand finished in matte black. Inspired from the great case-iron supports of the 1920s and 30s Victorian plant pots found in Winter gardens. 

"In line with our minimalist philosophy, we tried to reinterpret the Modernist style of the 1920s and 30s, stripping it of its decorative excesses to reach the point where there is nothing more to add or take away in order to make the product better," said the architects.

Other furnishings within the collection include the modular shelving and storage system and the pendant lamp. The modular shelving unit is a grid structure that can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on the available space and personal preference. The grid layout is a personal decision with the ability to customise the format that the shelving unit takes. 

The final piece of the collection is the pendant lamp made from natural oak or black varnished ash with a silk-covered wire. This allows the lamp to be hung from the ceiling. Taken from the old millinery moulds that were used to shape softened felt when making hats. These moulds have become somewhat of a collectors item and in this case, a featured shape within a well designed, curated and executed collection.

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