Designed by Giuseppe Bessero Belti

The age-old kerosene lamp has received a makeover by the Italian designer from Paris, Giuseppe Bessero Belti. Belti has designed a vast range of vases by transforming traditional oil lamps and using the 3D printing technique to achieve the unique design. 

The title "Experimenta" itself speaks of the designer's method of experimenting a fusion of old-fashioned and modern designs to create something special. The collection is a minimalist version of an oil lamp. It consists of a cylindrical nylon container and glass from antique lamps assembled tightly on a vase with the help of a ring and some adapters.  The important components of an oil lamp consist of the chimney – the glass container which comes in various shapes, the wick – a fuse that soaks in oil, the burner – a nozzle for the flame to emerge, the collar – a ring that fastens the glass and the fount – a vessel for the fuel. In Experimenta vases the fount is filled with water, which acts as the fuel, and the pretty flower takes on the role of the wick and the alluring flame. 

Shapes of the burner and chimney play a vital role as they affect the productivity of the lamp. No doubt, for year’s designers have played with the shapes to achieve maximum productivity. Inspired by the idea, Belti's collection makes use of several chimney design types. These sleek chimney shapes help flaunt the blossom from the flower.   

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