Entença Apartment

Entença Apartment

Designed by Allaround Lab

The Entença Apartment was designed by Allaround Lab and is located in Barcelona, Spain. The challenges within this design were evident with an over population of walls, ventilation and light management. They were also challenged in being able to bring both the interior and exterior together as one using the structure elements and natural light.

The designers began by removing all the partitions that were not needed and creating a single line of sight that divided the home into two sections. By doing this they created a corridor that had multiple sections that sat to the side and also helped direct the light. They were also able to create a small corner that provided space to hold books, plants, outdoor coats and give the owner a direct view outside. Doing this they were also able to accentuate the height of the enormous ceiling that sits 3.5m off the ground. The designs used a chromatic palette to promote the almost industrial aesthetic and style of the home such as the exposed prefabricated concrete beams.

Photography by José Hevia

Founder of Digital Habitus, a passionate advocate for minimalist design, content creation and digital marketing.